Native Vegetation

The State Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) have recently reviewed and made changes to the regulations around native vegetation removal.  Details are provided on the Review of the native vegetation clearing regulations 2015-2017 page.


The changes to the regulations aim to provide better protection for Victoria's sensitive native vegetation.  This will be achieved through enhance operation of the new regulations and increase transparency of the decision making process around recognising the environmental value of large scattered trees, endangered vegetation types and sensitive wetlands and coastal areas.

The new regulations also aim to make the system fairer by allowing site based information to supplement mapped information and improving the monitoring and reporting on the implementation of native vegetation removal and offsets.

Further information about the changes to the regulations are summarised here(PDF, 2MB).


The following resources will help in determining native vegetation requirements:

Clause 52.17 - exemptions(PDF, 464KB)

Permitted clearing - requirements for a permit

Preparing for bushfire - 10/30 rule - 10/50 rule

Fencing and removal of native vegetation

Native vegetation - low impact checklist

Native vegetation - medium/high impact checklist