How to Apply for a Planning Permit

1. Overview

A planning permit is a document giving legal permission to use land for a particular purpose or to undertake development works. They are required to be issued for anything from constructing or extending a house, removing native vegetation, displaying advertising signage or for an industrial or commercial development.  To obtain a planning permit an application must be made to Council.

If you are considering lodging a planning application it is highly recommended that you speak with one of our planners first. Council offers a pre-application meeting service by appointment.  You can also make appointments to speak with a planner to seek general information about particular issues.  Click here to book an appointment.


2. Find out if a permit is required 

Before beginning your application make sure you have contacted Council to determine if a permit is required.  Download a copy of the Planning Permit Application Form(PDF, 660KB) and check what information must be provided with the application.  Different information will need to be provided for different types of permit applications and will generally include: a full copy of current title information for each parcel of land forming the subject site, a plan of existing conditions, plans of proposal and any other information required by the planning scheme or requested by Council. 


3. Prepare to lodge an application

Planning applications will only be accepted by Council if they include all the required plans and supporting documentation.  The plans and information required will be dependent on the type of application.

It is highly recommended that you speak with one of our planners first if you are considering applying for a planning permit.  Please fill in and submit a pre-application meeting form and a Planning Officer will be in touch to make an appointment with you. 

When lodging your planning application, you must submit copies of all of the following:

  1. A completed application form
  2. The fee applicable to the application
  3. A recent copy of Title including details of any covenants or encumbrances affecting the land. Copies of title can be obtained via Land Victoria Landata Website
  4. Three (3) copies of the site plan
  5. Three (3) copies of any elevations
  6. Any relevant photos of the development site
  7. All of the information required by the relevant checklist for the type of application being made.

 You should provide all of the information and plans shown on the checklist and ensure that you sign the declaration at the end of the checklist. This will enable your application assessment to be expedited in the quickest possible timeframe.

Checklists & Forms

Please have a look at Council's Checklists & Forms page for any other documents you might need to include in your application.

If there is no checklist for your type of application please contact the Planning Department to request information on the documentation required to be submitted.

Planning Fees

Fees for planning permit applications are set across Victoria under the Planning and Environment Act.  To check the planning permit fee for your application, click here.

Alternatively, you can contact Council to confirm the fee for your planning application via 1300 PYRENEES (1300 797 363) or email.

Plan Examples and Templates

The following examples of a site and building elevation plans are provided to provide applicants with an understanding of the standard of basic plans required for considering most applications.

Floor and Elevation Plans(PDF, 257KB)
Site Plan(PDF, 124KB)

Links for Local Planning Consultants

Consultants can help you with specific planning tasks, including preparing Land Capability Assessments and Bushfire Management Statements.

Land Capability Assessment Consultants(PDF, 59KB)

Bushfire Management Overlay Consultants 2015(PDF, 157KB)

Pyrenees Planning Scheme

A copy of the current Planning Scheme policies, zone/overlay controls and mapping ordinance can be viewed free of charge at: 


If you have any questions about submitting your planning permit, please speak with the Planning Department on 1300 PYRENEES (1300 797 363).


4. Complete the application form

If a permit is required, download and fill out the Planning Permit Application Form(PDF, 660KB).  Ensure you include all information required and sign the Declaration.  Download the How to Complete a Planning Permit Application Form(PDF, 146KB) if you require assistance in completing your application form.  


5. Attach title information

A current Certificate of Title and title plan must be provided with each application.  You must also provide a copy of any registered restricted covenant or agreements that affect the land.  If a registered restricted covenant does apply, talk to a Planner about what to do next.  


6. Attach the plans and any necessary extra information

Council must have sufficient information to assess your application.  If the appropriate information is not provided, the application will not be processed until further information is given.  


7. Lodge the Application with Council

You can submit your application by post or email

You will receive a letter confirming the receipt of your application within 7 days of lodging it.  The Council Planner will generally complete an initial assessment of the application within 15-20 days of lodgment and you will be advised in writing if additional information is required.

Generally allow between 4-6 weeks for a decision to be made on your application. The processing time period will be dependent on application advertising and referral requirements to external authorities.

Additional information on the various steps in the assessment process can be found to the following link on DELWP website.