Friendly reminder - dog and cat registration fees now overdue

Published on 09 May 2024

Animal registrations for 2024 are now overdue.

Pyrenees Shire residents are being reminded to pay their overdue cat and dog registration fees for 2024-25.

Registering and microchipping your animals is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. It is important to register your pets so if they are lost, stolen or stray, they can be returned home safely. The Domestic Animals Act 1994 requires dog and cat owners to microchip and register their animals that are three months of age or older with their local council.

While most pet owners have done the right thing and renewed their pet registration by 30 April, there are still some outstanding.

If your animal is found unregistered, owners are liable for a fine of $385 per animal. 

Animal registration fees, which were due on April 30, can be paid online (if you are registered for eRates), over the phone by calling 1300 797 363 or in person at any Council office or resource centre. More information is available on our animal registration web page

People having difficulty paying their registrations can contact Council to discuss their needs and, if required, arrange a short extension.

Animal registration notes:

  • Pet owners must contact Council to update their pet’s registration if they have moved or their pet has passed away. To do this, contact Council on 1300 757 363.
  • Council encourages responsible pet ownership by providing a discounted registration fee for desexed pets. Bring along the appropriate desexing documentation from your pet’s vet, along with your registration form, to get the discount.
  • New pet registration forms are available from Council by calling 1300 797 363 or through our animal registration web page.
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