Regional Energy Project

The Regional Bioenergy Project is a commercial bioenergy demonstration plant at the Beaufort Hospital and the development of a bioenergy project in the Wimmera. The project resulted from the collaboration of the Victorian Government, Local Councils, Waste Management Groups and other regional stakeholders.

It will include developing a biomass supply chain model for the region. The Project outcomes were showcased at a Bioenergy Forum on April 30, 2014 and the publication of a Case Study for each part of the project. Its main aims were to increase awareness of bioenergy and promote bioenergy economic development opportunities across local government and business sectors.

The then Environment Minister Ryan Smith officially opened the bioenergy demonstration plant in June.

This project was funded through the Victorian Government's Sustainability Fund under the Victorian Adaptation and Sustainability Partnership.

Further information on bioenergy, presentations and the Beaufort project is available by clicking here.

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