Update: Wattle Creek Emergency Water Supply Point

Published on 09 February 2024


Please be advised that the Wattle Creek Emergency Water Supply Point at 250 Wattle Creek Road will remain out of service for the remainder of the current summer. 

We ask users of this site to continue to make alternate arrangements via one of the water supply locations below, or other sites at www.water.vic.gov.au/for-agriculture-and-industry/emergency-water-supply-points

The Wattle Creek site - comprising a groundwater bore, pump, tank and standpipe - was originally installed in the early 1980s and has serviced the local community for over 40 years. It is currently offline due to unsafe and failing condition of aged assets and so that we can progress necessary site investigations and feasibility to install new infrastructure at the site.

A detailed progress update for the site investigations and works is provided below. Preliminary scoping of new infrastructure has commenced. The submersible pump and motor was removed from the well in January. The next step is to complete a down-hole inspection of the bore casing and screens to make sure the bore is suitable for ongoing use.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and ask users to please be patient as we work through the required steps and planning for the future of the site.

For any enquiries regarding this matter, please contact the Pyrenees Shire: 1300 797 363

Alternate water supply points:

  • Barkly Bore, Barkly-Navarre Road, Barkly
  • Marrows Crossing Bore, 988 North Woodlands Road, Navarre
  • Greens Creek Bore, 17 Tulkara Road, Greens Creek
  • Joel Joel Well, 2047 Landsborough Road, Joel Joel


Wattle Creek Standpipe - Asset Inspection and Renewal Options Project  - Progress Update

September 2023

During routine inspections and maintenance, site deemed unsafe due to failing condition of aged assets.

Tank has deteriorated such that effective storage is less than 1/3 of total capacity.

Corrosion in electrical board and wiring with potential water ingress from leaking tank and wet weather events.

Bore and tank in the order of 40 years old. Renewal of above ground assets required.

October – November 2023

Options investigated to temporarily repair.

Identified that any temporary repairs would be a bandaid solution at high cost with risk of failure through the summer still likely. Decision made to not temporarily repair and to complete investigations and feasibility to replace with new assets that would improve reliability of the site.

December 2023

Preliminary scoping for potential new tank and pump infrastructure commenced.

Quote received to complete downhole bore inspection and assess that bore construction is suitable for ongoing use.

Contractor engaged to remove submersible pump and motor so that bore inspection can occur.

January 2024

Pump and motor from bore removed. Ready to now complete downhole bore inspection.

February - March 2024

Down hole bore inspection and follow up technical review scheduled.

April – October 2024*

Review impacts of bore inspection results for site renewal requirements.

Finalise options and funding for installation of new infrastructure.

Remove old assets from the site.

If possible, install new infrastructure prior to 24-25 summer (subject to successful progression of previous project steps).


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