Council Budget

Pyrenees Shire Council 2022/23 Budget has been adopted, the second of Council's four-year term. The budget details the resources required over the next year to fund the large range of services we provide for our community. It also includes details of proposed capital expenditure allocations to improve and renew our Shire’s physical infrastructure, buildings, and operational assets as well as funding proposals for a range of operating projects.

A great deal of work has been undertaken to find cost savings and this is reflected in the budget. Rate increases have been capped at 1.75% in line with the Victorian Government's Fair Go Rates System. Despite the financial challenge this poses, Council is determined to maintain current services, while working within the cap.

Council has developed a new Vision and new Council Plan; extensive Community Consultation has been carried out to inform these documents.

In preparation of the 2022/23 Annual Budget, Council has reviewed its 10 year Financial Plan to ensure the financial sustainability of the Council, not only in the short term but into the future. It is Councils view that the adoption of the 2022/23 budget not only meets the needs of the community for that year but enables the financial sustainability of the Council over the next 10 years.

In the preparation of the 2022/23 budget and 10 Year Financial Plan, the major objectives are:

• Ensuring working capital is sustainable over the 10 years

• Total capital program of $7.727 million to fund essential works and projects for the infrastructure needs of the Municipality

• Ensuring that the funding is provided for the delivery of the Council Plan

• Provision of funding to continue the delivery of all Council services

• Rates will increase by the State Government Rate Cap of 1.75%

• Waste charges will not increase for 2022/23, remaining at the 2021/22 levels

Councils’ belief that it is essential to ensure the financial viability of the Council in the long term and believes that the 2022/23 budget will achieve this objective. This budget will allow for the growth of the municipality whilst ensuring the delivery of essential services and projects to the community.

Download Council's Budget(PDF, 1MB)

Download Council's 10 Year Financial Plan 2022-23 to 2031-32(PDF, 1MB)

Download Council's Revenue and Rating Plan 2022-26(PDF, 1MB)

Download Council's Fees and Charges 2022-23(PDF, 426KB)

Download Council's Plan 2021-25(PDF, 3MB)