Wimmera Southern Mallee – Heating Study

The Wimmera Southern Mallee part of the regional project sought to identify a potential project for this area and develop an implementation plan.  The Wimmera Southern Mallee Reference Group resolved that a feasibility study on using locally sourced biomass to heat the Horsham Aquatic Centre was the most suitable project. 

A heating study on the Aquatic Centre has now been undertaken.  It examined available fuels and determined the size and type of boiler suitable for heating the site.   The likely source of fuel will be municipal timber and green waste from the Horsham Transfer Station.  Significant savings in heating costs were identified as well as the potential to reduce the amount of material currently being sent to landfill.  The results of the study have been provided to Horsham Rural City for consideration.



Shredded green waste



Shredded timber waste


Horsham Aquatic Centre