Anderson & Williamson Floodway Renewal

  • Project typeFloodway renewal
  • Project valueThis project is funded under Round 2 of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.
  • Project scheduleThe Construction has been planned to start at the end of April 2022 and to be completed by May 2022.
  • Contractor nameS.H.A.E Enterprises
Williamson Floodway.png

This project involves the renewal of two floodways in Anderson Street and Williamson Street in Lexton. The purpose of this work is to improve the drainage condition of the culvert in addition to enhance safe and smooth passage of vehicles. The works include enhancing culvert size, replacing concrete deck, retaining and repairing existing endwalls, beaching works to improve protection against scouring.

It will be constructed in accordance with the Works on Waterway conditions instructed by the North Central CMA.



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