Better Caravan Parks

  • Project typeCaravan park upgrades
  • Project schedule$270,000
  • Completion Date31 July 2021
Beaufort Lake Cabin.jpg

Funded by $270,000 from the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Program, Council’s Better Caravan Parks project has upgraded the Beaufort Caravan Park, Avoca Lions RV Park and Landsborough Caravan Park. Visitors contribute significantly to the local economy, and the Better Caravan Parks program is designed to improve the accommodation offering in the region for visiting tourists and workers.

At Beaufort Caravan Park, the high occupation rates of the existing cabins encouraged Council to install a new two-bedroom cabin (pictured), which will continue to help position Beaufort as a visitor-friendly town.

At Avoca Lions RV Park and Landsborough Caravan Park, the entrances to both parks have been fixed up and sealed, significantly improving the access and amenity of the parks, particularly in winter.