Corporate Policies

Audit Risk Committee Charter 2020(PDF, 261KB)  

Business Continuity Management Policy 2016(PDF, 129KB)

Child Safe Policy and Strategy 2017(PDF, 196KB)

Child Safe Code of Conduct 2017

Code Red Day Policy 2019(PDF, 248KB)

Community Engagement Policy 2021(PDF, 390KB)

Community Grants Policy 2019(PDF, 175KB)

Complaints Handling Policy 2016(PDF, 208KB)

(PDF, 857KB)Councillor Code of Conduct(PDF, 3MB)

Councillor Expenses Policy 2020(PDF, 251KB)

(PDF, 435KB)Customer Service Charter 2019(PDF, 435KB)

Election Period Policy 2020(PDF, 970KB)

Fraud Policy 2015(PDF, 119KB)

Governance Rules 2020(PDF, 482KB)

Governance Rules Appendix B - PSC Election Rules 2020(PDF, 312KB)

Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality 2021(PDF, 548KB)

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy 2018(PDF, 216KB)

Human Rights and Responsibilities Policy 2017(PDF, 115KB)

(PDF, 237KB)Privacy Policy 2017(PDF, 1MB)

Procurement Policy 2019(PDF, 328KB)

Protected Disclosure Policy 2015(PDF, 688KB)

Public Transparency Policy 2020(PDF, 239KB)

Risk Management Policy 2016(PDF, 124KB)  

Road Excavation Code of Practice 2010(PDF, 147KB)

Scare Gun Code of Practice 2009(PDF, 19KB)

Special Committees of Council Policy 2019(PDF, 191KB)

Treasury Management Policy(PDF, 177KB)